1.What are the main components of e-cigarettes?


    Generally there are atomizers, batteries, and smoke oil.


    2.What is the working principle of electronic cigarettes?


    The battery provides power to the atomizer, and the heater in the atomizer generates heat, converting the smoke oil from liquid (water vapor) to gas, which is convenient for people to inhale.


    3.Will the e-cigarette explode?


    As a rechargeable electronic device, just like a mobile phone and a laptop, the charger must be used correctly.


    4.Will e-cigarettes produce harmful chemicals?


    Regarding e-liquid, modern e-liquid is made of non-toxic materials. However, when the power of the e-cigarette is too high and the temperature is too high, some unpleasant pungent odor will be generated, you can control it in time.


    5.Is e-cigarette healthier than cigarettes?


    Electronic cigarettes are healthier than cigarettes.
    The e-cigarette oil contains only a few chemicals. The smoke of real cigarettes contains hundreds of thousands of chemical substances, most of which are harmful. Among them, the hazard of tar is most well known, causing serious health hazards to smokers and surrounding people. Use electronic cigarettes Can significantly reduce these hidden dangers.


    6.Why do you dry your mouth when smoking e-cigarettes?


    It is a normal reaction of the human body and does not affect health.
    At present (2019), all e-liquids contain glycerin (VG) and propanol (PG), which are highly water-absorbing substances. And each person's oral saliva secrete varies. Some people have a strong secretory ability and do not feel dry mouth, and those with weak secretion ability will have a dry mouth.


    Dry mouth also brings a good side effect. Drinking more water is good for your health.


    7.Which e-cigarette should I use first?


    This is a matter of personal choice. I suggest a regular manufacturer and regular cigarette oil.


    8.How to make your battery "live longer"?


    On the voltage regulating device, there is often a low battery reminder, and the user can only rely on the user's estimation of the battery power on the mechanical rod to ensure that the battery is not over-discharged. Over-charging can extend the life of the battery.