Manvap® Winner-Tag Refillable E-cigarette debut at Shanghai IECIE (2019)

durch Adminmanvaptech auf March 25, 2020

Manvap, an electronic cigarette brand of Shenzhen Wuba Technology Co., Ltd., has developed rapidly in overseas markets in recent years.

In 2019, The WINNER-TAG series products of Manvap have made a stunning debut at Shanghai ECig Expo (IECIE).

There is photo feedback of the venue:

The prototype of  WINNER-TAG comes from the soldier identification card, commonly known as "dog tag", and many other elements are also incorporated in the design.

Our customer base is mainly targeted at various game players, military fans, hipsters, outdoor sports enthusiasts and business people.

Compared to the classical rod -shaped electronic cigarette, WINNER-TAG contains a variety of elements:

  1. Very dynamics and unique contour.
  2. Fashionable and diverse colour combination.
  3. It is not only a E-cig hardware, but also a trendy wearable decoration.

In addition to the stylish outlook, Manvap WINNER-TAG also embodies excellent technical kernal.

One of the cores of e-cigarette technology is the smoke cartridge. WINNER-TAG is equipped with new technology: MICROFEEL black ceramic atomizing core, Which is a major breakthrough in the field of microporous ceramic heating.


In order to solve the problem of oil leakage and maintain a good user experience, the product applies six leak-proof technology, which adds oil tank and bottom seal protection. The airway design is also optimized.


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